Recessed Baby Changing Stations: Save Space in Your Compact Bathroom

Your bathroom space is limited, and oversized, bulky changing stations only eat into that space. They make it hard to move around and harder for customers to line up, and most importantly, there’s less room for stalls. Ultimately, it results in a less satisfied, less likely-to-return-for-more-business customer.

And who wants that?

But changing stations aren’t optional (unless you want to alienate the millions of moms, dads, grandparents, and caretakers out there). Fortunately, though, there’s a middle ground.

Recessed Baby Changing Stations Are the Best of Both Worlds

The solution to the space-eating changing station conundrum is actually quite simple: opt for a recessed model. Recessed baby changing stations offer the best of both worlds, adding convenience for your parent customers while not taking up too much restroom real estate to keep your other clients happy too.

Recessed baby changing stations:

  • Don’t eat up much-needed space. They only take up space when open and in use. Otherwise, they’re virtually nonexistent, leaving you with plenty of room for additional stalls, sinks, dryers, and other fixtures.
  • Are non-obtrusive. Your bathroom may not be the prettiest place in your facility, but you certainly don’t want an eyesore on the wall, detracting from the overall look of the place. With tons of design options, finishes, and styles, recessed changing stations can easily blend into the existing space and aesthetic.
  • Offer convenience. If serving any kind of parent is on your agenda, a recessed station is a must. Not only does it offer convenience for moms and dads with little ones on the go, but it’s also sturdier than other changing options, giving parents the safety and security they want when tending to the kiddos.
  • Let you use your space to the fullest. Recessed stations ensure that you utilize the real estate you have in the most efficient, effective way possible. With horizontal and vertical options, multiple colors and styles, and a hidden, non-obtrusive design, they never take away from your space or its existing look.

Forgoing a changing station is not an option, but choosing a station that won’t take up half your space definitely is. Consider one of our recessed baby changing stationsfor your facility now.

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