Saniflow Hand Dryers: Models and Features

Saniflow hand dryers are among the best on the market. At Allied, we’re proud to carry this incredible family of products. Here’s a look at Saniflow models and features:

  • 1.The Saniflow Machflow is the perfect choice if you’re after power and efficiency in a compact size. The Machflow offers a powerful, fully adjustable motor that lets you set the unit’s noise levels to match your environment. This makes the Machflow a natural choice for all types of locations, from libraries to sports stadiums. The Machflow generates comfortably warm air at 203 miles per hour for ultra-fast, 10- to 15-second drying times. Yet the unit uses only 6.4 A per drying cycle, making it energy efficient, as well as powerful.
  • 2.The Saniflow Speedflow offers affordable quality and fast drying times. It sends out comfortably warm air at 110 miles per hour, offers fully adjustable noise settings, and uses only 9.5 A of energy per drying cycle. The Speedflow can work on voltages ranging from 110 to 240V, making it a great choice for almost any facility. It offers an attractive exterior and is available in five finishes.
  • 3.The Saniflow Dualflow Plus offers a state-of-the-art hand drying experience for locations with discerning clients. Using the unit could not be simpler; simply place the hands in the concave area, and the built-in sensor automatically bathes the user’s skin in 232-mile-per-hour warm air for drying times of 10 seconds or less. The Dualflow Plus also includes a built-in HEPA filter that removes 99.9 percent of bacteria from the surrounding air. It holds dirty water in its built-in storage tank for easy disposal at a later time. The Dualflow Plus includes a built-in anti-germ surface additive that’s harmless to humans but prevents microbe buildup on the unit’s surface.

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So browse our site and order your new Saniflow hand dryers or other products today.

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