The Argument for Buying a No Heat Hand Dryer

You don’t need heat to dry hands quickly or effectively. In fact, a no heat hand dryer can take as little as 10 seconds — a fraction of what paper towels or warm-air dryers often offer. And they come with other benefits too, ones that can save you cash, cut down on energy usage, and improve the user experience many times over.

Why a No Heat Hand Dryer?

No heat hand dryers have become incredibly popular, especially as society has grown more environmentally conscious. Thanks to their low power usage (most dryers’ energy comes from the warming element), no heat dryers are quite eco-friendly, especially over time and compared to paper towels and heated models.

A no heat hand dryer also:

  • Dries fast Who doesn’t want a 10- to 15-second dry time? Paper towels and even many heated dryers can’t touch the speed of an efficient no heat dryer. It’s an in-a-hurry customer’s dream!
  • Saves money With no heating element to eat up power, no heat hand dryers cost very little to operate. Over time, that equates to serious savings over other drying methods, especially if you have a big facility with multiple dryers going at once.
  • Installs quickly and easily No heat dryers don't require much energy, so you can easily put them on your existing circuits or even install them in tandem with other dryers at the same time. There are no expensive installation add-ons or electrical needs. It’s simple, fast, and cost-effective.

Your dryer shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg, hurt the environment, or require a whole mess of electrical add-ons in order to install. Want a simple, affordable, and effective dryer that keeps your customers happy? Try one of our no heat hand dryer options today.

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