The Five Best Affordable Hand Dryers

Allied carries many affordable hand dryers. We offer such a wide selection because we want every location to enjoy the benefits of modern warm-air hand drying. With that in mind, here are five of our most budget-friendly hand dryers:

1.The Fastdry H1800EA offers flexible voltage settings, a tamper-resistant casing, and fast 30-35 second drying times.

2.The Nova 1 has a space-saving profile, an attractive white exterior, and drying times of around 30 seconds.

3.The World Model LE has a powerful motor, button-free activation, and an eye-catching sleek design that complements any restroom’s décor.

4.The ASI Porcelair dries hands in as little as 20 seconds. It uses a powerful 1/8 hp motor and is available in a variety of colors to match your tastes.

5.The American Dryer GX1 comes with a chrome plated exterior, making it one of our most beautiful hand dryers. It also offers fast drying times of around 30 seconds and an energy-efficient motor that will slash your operating costs.

Affordable Hand Dryers vs. Expensive Paper Towels. The Choice Is Clear

One thing is for sure: no matter which of our hand dryer models you choose, you’ll be saving money and improving your location’s environment by freeing yourself from the hassle, hazards, and endless expense of using paper towels. Here’s why:

  • Paper towels cost more than you might think. Add the cost of ordering, stocking, replacing, cleaning up, and disposing of these non-recyclable products, and the real price tag of using them becomes clear.
  • Our affordable hand dryers, on the other hand, are remarkably energy-efficient, especially when compared to the hand dryers made years ago. They offer quick drying times, electricity-sipping components, and durable exteriors for many years of trouble-free use.
  • Used paper towels can harbor disease-causing organisms for weeks or even months.
  • By ordering your affordable hand dryer from Allied, you’ll enjoy added benefits like our famous price-match guarantee, free shipping across the United States, and the ease of ordering from our website or using our toll-free number.

As you can see, buying affordable hand dryers from Allied is a smart move all the way. So browse our site and place your order today.

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