Vandalism Issues? Try Vandal-Resistant Hand Dryers

Allied sells many different types of vandal-resistant hand dryers. If you’re thinking of investing in modern warm air hand drying technology but have held back due to vandalism concerns, then we invite you to browse our site. Besides offering cutting-edge features like ultra-fast drying times and button-free activation, many of our models offer anti-tampering features like these:

  • Shielded heating elements and power supplies.
  • Grounded interior components.
  • Sturdy yet attractive casings made from high-grade steel.
  • Exterior fasteners stamped from special dies that prohibit removal by non-authorized personnel.

Vandal-Resistant Hand Dryers vs. Paper Towels: Facts to Consider

When you look at all the factors, it’s clear that modern warm air hand dryers represent a clear cost savings, even for remote or vandal-prone facilities like highway rest stops. Here’s why we say that:

  • Paper towel dispensers are common targets for criminals. Whether it’s the lure of willfully damaging public property or the minuscule rewards of petty theft, vandals just can’t resist breaking into these dispensers. Part of the attraction may be the fact that most towel holders are made of thin plastics that are easily broken.
  • Paper towels represent a never-ending expense. So long as you use them in your restrooms, you will be enriching the paper companies by continually replenishing your supply of towels. That’s not counting the costs associated with storing, cleaning up, and disposing of towels.
  • Paper towel waste is one of the most unsightly things to have in your public restrooms. Studies show that vandalism is most prevalent in facilities that are dirty or in poor repair. Why add a further inducement by having an unkempt restroom? Vandal-resistant hand dryers can be part of an effective overall solution that saves you money.

So browse our site and see the many vandal-resistant hand dryers we offer. You’ll be glad you did.

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