Vandal-Resistant Hand Dryers

Vandal-Resistant Hand Dryers

Vandal-resistant hand dryers are an increasing necessity in today’s world. Sadly, certain types of locations are especially vulnerable to those intent on causing willful damage. While law enforcement agencies must play a role in stopping vandals, it’s also up to property owners and managers to do their part. On our site you’ll find plenty of hand dryers designed with the following tamper-resistant features:


  • Shielded power supplies.
  • Side-mounted heating elements that are inaccessible through the outlet nozzle.
  • Allen wrench–style screws and fixtures that defeat even determined attempts at vandalism.

A Sampling of Vandal-Resistant Hand Dryer Models

The following are just a few of the models we sell with anti-vandalism features:

  • The ExtremeAir GXT, which uses cold plasma technology to kill disease-causing microbes while bathing hands in comfortable warm air.
  • The World AirForce dryer line, which offers a wide array of styles at affordable prices.
  • FastDry hand dryers, which can be set to match virtually any building’s voltage.
  • The Dyson AirBlade, which sets new standards for drying power and energy efficiency.

Some Tips to Keep in Mind When Installing Vandal-Resistant Hand Dryers at Your Business

  • A brightly-lit location is a vandal’s worst nightmare. Fortunately, modern lighting fixtures are long-lasting and energy efficient. Keep them burning as much as possible during evening hours.
  • Install security cameras at strategic points and post notices advising visitors of their presence.
  • Offer a tips hotline for those who wish to report vandalism or other illegal activities on your property.
  • A clean, tidy location encourages respect. Remove graffiti as soon as possible.

Allied: Your Source for Vandal-Resistant Hand Dryers

Our goal is to be your go-to source for vandal-resistant hand dryers and other restroom-related products and accessories. That’s why we offer not only a great selection but unbeatable pricing, fast, free shipping, and excellent customer support as well. Browse our site and place your order today.

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