WA 126 Airspeed World Dryer White

WA 126 Airspeed World Dryer White

The WA 126 Airspeed World Dryer White is a great entry-level dryer for budget-minded organizations. It has all the benefits you could want from a product of its type, including proven reliability, strong drying power, and an attractive exterior. The brush-free motor keeps the unit running whisper quiet, even with heavy use. This makes the World Dryer 126 Airspeed ideal for all types of noise-sensitive environments, including nursing centers, medical clinics, and libraries.

A World of Features at Your Fingertips

The people at World Dryer built the 126 Airspeed with exacting attention to detail, using only top-quality industrial-grade components. This outstanding product offers advantages like these:

  • Fast drying times, thanks to the powerful 17-amp electric motor.
  • The classic ease-of-use that comes from handy pushbutton operation.
  • A brush-free motor for quiet operation and long-term reliability.
  • A sturdy, attractive exterior that will complement your restroom's appearance.
  • The unbeatable reliability and peace of mind you get from any World Dryer product.

Order your new WA 126 Airspeed World Dryer White today, and you'll not only get a fine dryer but also the benefits of being an Allied customer. These include:

  • Unbeatable low pricing backed by our cost-match guarantee.
  • Super-fast shipping at no cost to all U.S. addresses.
  • White-glove customer service from our dedicated team members—your satisfaction is always our top priority.
  • Multi-year manufacturer warranties that give you peace of mind.

Three Reasons to Choose the WA 126 Airspeed World Dryer White Over Paper Towels

Don't let exaggerated and misleading claims rob you of enjoying tremendous savings. Paper towels are obsolete, environmentally harmful products that will keep your organization enslaved to never-ending product replacement costs. Consider these facts:

  1. Paper towels represent a steady drain on your resources. In contrast, electric hand dryers are one-time purchases that last for many years.
  2. The costs of paper towels add up quick; they require storage, repeated installation, cleaning, disposal, and transportation to your landfill.
  3. Unlike modern electric hand dryers, paper towels are non-recyclable and will fester in your landfill for years to come. Why burden your local environment with potentially toxic waste when the World Dryer 126 Airspeed is such an economical alternative?

Order your new WA 126 Airspeed World Dryer White or other fine products from Allied today, or feel free to contact us about any questions. We look forward to serving you.

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