Why an American Advantage Hand Dryer is a Great Choice

Why an American Advantage Hand Dryer is a Great Choice

An American Advantage hand dryer is a safe, economical way to provide all the benefits of modern warm-air hand drying. If you’re still struggling with outdated, costly dryers or with messy, germ-filled paper towels, why not update to American Advantage today?

You’ll enjoy cutting-edge features like these:

  • Heavy-duty construction. Whether you choose a unit made with steel, stainless steel, or ABS, you’ll appreciate the lasting strength and durability only these dryers can provide.
  • Powerful, long-lasting motors. Each American Advantage hand dryer offers the strength of a ⅛ hp, 4800 rpm motor for fast results.
  • Sensor activation. You don’t have to touch a grimy, germ-laden start button. These dryers switch on the moment they sense wet hands, then turn off when the job is done, saving energy and therefore money.
  • Safe, effective heating. American Advantage hand dryer models use sturdy, efficient, Nichrome heating elements. They produce abundant amounts of pleasantly warm air that every user will love, yet they cost almost nothing to operate.
  • Space efficiency. Forget the bulky drying units of the past. American Advantage dryers fit in remarkably little space but still work as well as many larger, more expensive units.
  • Fast drying times. All you need is 25 seconds to have dry, refreshed hands when using an American Advantage hand dryer.
  • Universal voltage. You can enjoy all the benefits these dryers provide no matter what kind of wiring is at your location. They adjust to all forms of AC power commonly in use.

American Advantage hand dryers are so good they’re backed with an exclusive five-year warranty, giving you the assurance and peace of mind you deserve. Browse our wide selection today, then place your order using our handy online checkout or toll-free number. You’ll have free shipping to anywhere in the U.S., plus our famous low-price guarantee.

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