Why Koala Baby Changing Stations Are the Best

Koala baby changing stations stand apart for their exceptional quality, attractive looks, and extensive warranties. When you add our great prices and excellent customer service to the mix, you get a superior changing table that you will love as much as your customers.

Here are the reasons that Koala is the industry leader in changing stations:

  • Construction standards not only meet but exceed those of ASTM International. Since 1898, ASTM has set rigid safety standards for all types of products—including baby changing stations—and is the oldest and best established organization of its kind in the world.
  • Koala products also meet or exceed standards set by numerous private and public regulatory agencies. You’re not simply getting an adequate station with Koala; you’re getting a first-class one.
  • The ultra-durable “bear of a chassis” in Koala stations ensures that the table will stay within 1° of 90° at all times. This means it will easily support the weight of even the heaviest infants, along with items like a changing bag and the pressure of the caregiver’s hands and arms.
  • All Koala baby changing stations are made with a seamless, one-piece bed for added strength and freedom from weak spots.
  • A Koala Kare bed lowers and raises with the help of a gas-filled piston that makes for safe, easy operation.
  • Koala products are free of pinch points, rough edges, exposed metal, and other potential safety hazards.
  • Koala units come with diaper bag hooks and other conveniences to make the changing process as efficient and easy as possible.
  • Koala backs its products with some of the longest warranties in the industry. This gives added assurance and peace of mind to users.
  • The Koala logo is universally recognized and trusted by millions of parents worldwide.

What Microban® Is and Why You Should Care

In recent years, the risks associated with disease-causing organisms has reached levels not seen in the United States since penicillin began being used in the 1940s. This has been fueled largely by the emergence of antibiotic-resistant “super germs” that resist all known treatments. Combatting this menace is a top priority for companies and agencies entrusted with safeguarding the public.

You should know that all Koala baby changing stations come with built-in Microban® technology. This cutting-edge defense against microbes defends infants and parents in the following ways:

  • By penetrating the walls of microorganisms that come in contact with treated surfaces. This prevents them from growing and reproducing.
  • By preventing odors, stains, and product damage associated with molds, fungi, bacteria, and various types of yeast.
  • By remaining active throughout the life of the product. Microban® is truly a “one and done” solution to the hazards posed by hundreds of types of organisms.

A Variety of Koala Baby Changing Stations to Choose From

Every location is different, which is why Koala changing stations come in a wide selection of sizes, shapes, and models to meet your specific needs. Here are some of the many options:

  • Traditional rectangular stations—Classic, no-nonsense design that will be an asset to your establishment.
  • Oval stations—These offer the same top quality as our other units, along with a pleasing rounded profile for added beauty.
  • Vertical stations—With a special space-saving form, these products are ideal for small or cramped restrooms. Now every building can offer the benefits of Koala baby changing stations to its patrons.

How to Place Your Order

Browse the Koala brand products here on our site, then place your order today using our toll-free number at 1-800-535-4393 or convenient online checkout. You won’t go wrong with Koala for a safe, durable, and attractive baby changing station.

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