Why World Airforce Hand Dryers are a Great Choice for Your Restrooms

Why World Airforce Hand Dryers are a Great Choice for Your Restrooms

The World Airforce hand dryer line offers a host of unbeatable benefits that set it apart from competing brands. Allied is proud to offer these units at an excellent price, along with the unsurpassed customer service that has made us famous and free shipping to anywhere in the United States.

Why Choose World Dryer?

For more than six decades, World Dryer has built superior products for discriminating buyers around the globe. World Dryer’s designs emphasize comfort and fast drying times while minimizing costs and energy usage.

Small in Size Yet Big in Features

With models as small as 10.7” x 8.9” x 6.5”, World Airforcehand dryers are compact enough to fit in virtually any restroom. However, they’re still packed with innovations that you and your restroom users will appreciate. These include:

  • Ultra-fast, 12-second drying time; more than four times as fast as other brands
  • Super-efficient energy use; requires 80% less power compared to similar dryers
  • Whisper-quiet operation; makes the World Airforce line ideal for locations ranging from libraries to bowling alleys
  • SteriTouch® antimicrobial surface that fights the growth of mold, fungi, and bacteria for enhanced hygiene and extended product life
  • Multi-port diffuser that maximizes drying efficiency and user comfort
  • Automatic sensor to offer the convenience of hands-free operation
  • Modern streamlined design; a perfect choice for any restroom decor

Hand Dryers vs. Paper Towels: The Choice is Clear

Don’t be fooled by misleading claims. The debate over paper rags versus modern, warm-air hand drying is over. The verdict? Hand dryers are superior in every way, including cost, hygiene, and convenience.

When you consider everything the World Airforce hand dryer line offers, its outstanding value becomes clear. Spend a few moments browsing our selection of energy efficient hand dryers, then place your order today.

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