Why You Should Consider Using the Dyson Airblade

Why You Should Consider Using the Dyson Airblade

The Dyson Airblade has earned a well-deserved reputation as the hand dryer line of choice for facility managers looking to slash their operating costs. Not only do Dyson dryers save money, they also create a healthier, more hygienic environment in public restrooms.

Here are six reasons you should consider choosing the Dyson family of products for your location:

  1. Fastest drying times—The Dyson Airblade dries hands in 12 seconds, more than 5 times faster than other hand dryers. This means your workers will be back at their jobs much more quickly. And, if your restrooms are open to customers or clients, it means they will spend more time on your sales floor.
  2. Savings—The Dyson Airblade uses up to 63% less electricity than competing dryers. This is more money in your budget and less going to pay the power company. Also, when compared to paper towels, the Airblade can save up to 97% of the funds you’re currently spending.
  3. Hygiene—Unlike most hand dryers, the Dyson Airbladeuses a HEPA filter to remove more than 99% of the micro-organisms from your restroom air. That means less disease-causing pathogens circulating through your facility.
  4. Quiet operation—Not only are the new Dyson Airblade models far quieter than competing dryers, they’re 50% less noisy than the previous Airblade generation.
  5. Comfort—The Airblade uses high-powered sheets of air to gently lift water off users’ hands. Compare this to overly hot competing models or scratchy paper towels, and the difference is one that both you and your people will appreciate.
  6. Environmental benefits—The Dyson Airbladeis good for Mother Earth as well as your budget. You eliminate the need to transport bulky paper towels and dump them in landfills. Studies also show that hand dryers create far fewer greenhouse gasses during manufacturing than paper towels.

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