World Model WA Chrome Hand Dryer

World Model WA Chrome Hand Dryer

The World Dryer WA chrome hand dryer will complement your restroom's appearance, slash your operating costs, and promote good hygiene throughout your facility. Order this fine product from Allied today to enjoy the lowest prices you'll find anywhere, along with free shipping to all U.S. addresses.

Why the World Model WA Chrome Hand Dryer?

Every organization looks for ways to cut operating costs. Yet the best opportunities often go overlooked. Take your restroom supplies, for example. If you're still using paper towels, then you've chained yourself to a never-ending drain on your resources, one that hurts the environment and your budget. Don't believe us? Consider these facts:

  • Paper towels are a non-recyclable product that requires huge amounts of resources to manufacture, store, install, and dispose of. Keeping them in your restrooms is like paying rent to a demanding landlord. Each billing cycle, you have to cough up the funds that the supplier demands. On the other hand, a product like the World Dryer WA chrome hand dryer is a one-time purchase that pays for itself over and over. Which option is a wiser investment?
  • The World Dryer WA chrome hand dryer includes a brush-free design for whisper-quiet operation, a powerful 17-amp motor for fast drying times, and sturdy commercial-grade components for long life. Plus, World Dryer backs them up with a rock-solid five-year warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. You can relax knowing you made a great investment.
  • The World Dryer WA chrome hand dryer also has anti-tampering measures built in. It's true value in every sense of the word.

Our low-price guarantee ensures you get the best price offered by any online merchant for every item we sell. So, the time to order your new World Dryer WA chrome hand dryer is today. Call us for more information or use our handy online form. When you do, ask us about our volume discounts.

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