ExtremeAir EXT Series by AMERICAN DRYER

ExtremeAir EXT Series by AMERICAN DRYER

eXtremeAir EXT Hand Dryers

In today’s world, it’s important to find environmentally-friendly ways to perform every task, including hand drying. That’s why American Dryer is proud to offer its new EXT eXtremeAir® model, which saves your company money by drying hands the natural way without costly, artificially heated air. This breakthrough American Dryer ExtremeAir EXT hand dryer offers the following benefits:

  • Substantial power savings – Without energy-wasting heating units to worry about, you can run as many as three EXT units on the same power line.
  • Comfortable, 85-degree air (in a 72-degree environment) – This temperature dries hands quickly without depleting your energy budget, and using natural air temperatures doesn’t dry skin out.
  • Adjustable sound levels – EXT dryers are perfect for all environments, from quiet libraries to noisy factories.
  • Ultra-durable motor – It runs from 14,000 to 24,000 RPMs, depending on how you adjust it. Plus, the powerful 5/8 HP and sturdy construction of the motor mean your new EXT dryers will offer many years of dependable service.
  • Button-free operation – A microprocessor-controlled sensor automatically activates the unit for pre-set drying times and hands-free, sanitary use.
  • Cold Plasma hygienic technology – Sanitizes hands with ionized, temperature-neutral air – it’s harmless to humans but lethal to germs.
  • Compact size – EXT dryers are 43% smaller than bulky industrial units, saving valuable space on restroom walls.
  • Vandal-resistant – The unit is secured by heavy-duty screws that connect to a rugged steel base. A one-piece nozzle prevents tampering.

When you purchase your new American Dryer ExtremeAir EXT hand dryer from Allied, you’ll enjoy all the above benefits plus free same-day shipping anywhere in the United States. Plus, your investment is protected by our famous, double-your-money-back, lowest-price guarantee. So place your order today using either our toll-free number or handy online form.

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