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Circuit Board / Micro Switch Timer Assembly (Key 1) for the WORLD DA57-972 (277V) POLISHED STAINLESS STEEL, SURFACE-MOUNTED, PUSH-BUTTON HAND DRYER (Part# 125A - Replaces the older125A-K)

Circuit Board / Timer Assembly (Part # 125A) is rated for 208V to 277V - 30 Seconds and Includes Micro Switch - KEY 2.

IMPORTANT: The new, taller Part# 125A Timer Assembly you receive will likely look different than the original, shorter 125A Timer Assy you're replacing, but is is the correct replacement part.  Specific to the “L-shaped” mounting bracket for this part, it is to be installed in the exact same location & configuration - regardless of old or new.  When installed correctly and viewed from standing in front of the dryer, the microswitch lever will be pointing to the right side of the hand dryer (directly under the push button when the cover is re-installed).  The white plastic disc and micro switch will seemed to have switched sides of the L-shaped mounting bracket when compared to the older style. Please see the 6th Image for the older 125A Timer Assy in its  installation configuration compared to the 7th image of the new 125A Timer Assy in it's correct installation configuration.  The configuration of the timer assembly in the exploded view below is NOT correct for the newer 125A Timer Assembly.  Closely follow the wiring instructions included with your part.

Please note that neither the Timer nor the Micro Switch may be purchased individually / separately, but both parts are included in this Mirco Switch Timer Assy (Part# 125A).

Please also note that the Mirco Switch Timer Assy formerly know as Part# 125A-K is now Part# 125A.

The Part# 125A is the replacement timer for all high-voltage (208V to 277V), push-button World Dryer Model A (DA), AirMax Model M, and Airstyle Model B hand dryers.

You could buy an entirely new unit to replace your current WORLD DA57-972 (277V) hand dryer. But with the correct replacement parts, you can keep your hand dryer in working condition at a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire unit.


To purchase a complete replacement hand dryer for this model, please see the DA57-972, World Dryer Polished Stainless Steel.

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