ExtremeAir GXT Series by AMERICAN DRYER

ExtremeAir GXT Series by AMERICAN DRYER

eXtremeAir GXT Hand Dryers

With an American Dryer eXtremeAir® GXT hand dryer, you’ll enjoy cutting-edge performance, improved hygiene in the workplace, and significant cost savings when compared to old, obsolete drying units. Now is the time to replace those antiquated, energy-hogging dryers in your restroom with the new GXT model from American Dryer. You’ll enjoy benefits like these:

  • Fast drying – The GXT sends out streams of warm air at 135 degrees. That’s an optimal temperature to dry hands within seconds without causing skin drying or discomfort.
  • Adjustable times – Everyone’s hands are different; some take longer to dry than others. That’s why GXT units come with adjustable running times to meet your workers’ needs.
  • Compact size – If your location has smaller restrooms, then a full-sized dryer could take up too much space on already-cramped walls. That won’t be a problem with an eXtremeAir® model because they’re 43% smaller than bulky industrial models. In fact, American Dryer units are the most compact models made today.
  • Cold Plasma hygienic technology – This feature utilizes ionization to kill germs on user’s hands and purify the air in a way that’s beneficial to humans but lethal to microbes.

Kick the Paper Towel Habit

If your workers are still using paper towels to dry their hands, then you should know that replacing them with new eXtremeAir® units will save you as much as 90% in costs over time while also avoiding the sanitation problems that come with trash cans full of germ-laden, non-recyclable towels.

To get the most from your new eXtremeAir® GXT hand dryers, be sure to order them from Allied. That way, you’ll enjoy the following added benefits:

  • Free shipping to all 50 states.
  • Our unbeatable double-your-money-back lowest-price guarantee.
  • Allied’s matchless commitment to customer satisfaction.

So place your order today, using either our toll-free number or our readily available online form.  

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