DYSON® Airblade™ AB14 dB Hand Dryer - Steel-Gray ABS Cover High Speed Surface Mounted ADA Compliant Hands-Down-In (SKU #301853-01 / 304663-01)

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DYSON® Airblade™ dB AB14 Hand Dryer - "Steel-Gray" Polycarbonate Cover, High-Speed, Hands-Down-In Vertical Style [SKU #301853-01 (Low Voltage) / #304663-01 (High Voltage)]

Surface Mounted ADA Compliant “Steel” or Metallic Gray Colored Polycarbonate ABS Casing with Anti-Microbial Molded Additive


The newest generation of the Dyson Airblade is the Dyson dB AB14. Acoustically re-engineered, the Airblade dB has all the outstanding features and amazing looks of the previous generations but is now 50 percent quieter than the original Dyson Airblade (Models AB02 and AB04). It continues to out-perform all competitors in the hand dryer and paper towel industries.

The Power of a New Model

Like a squeegee made of air, the Airblade scrapes water from every crevice on the hand (even under jewelry) and gently dries more quickly and thoroughly than any other hand dryer on the market. When the user places their hands into the unit (without ever touching any surface), the infrared sensors detect this movement. As the user removes their hands, thin sheets of air traveling at 420mph through two continuous apertures (only as wide as an eyelash) scrape water from the hands in just 12 seconds. No other hand dryer has this patented Airblade technology. Plus:

  • It is the most energy-efficient hand dryer on the market. The faster dry time means less electricity is used. And since no heating element is required, the Airblade consumes considerably less energy than warm air hand dryers that work on the concept of evaporation.
  • Add into this cost-saving equation the energy-efficient design of the fully integrated Dyson V4 Digital Motor. Using digital pulse technology, this powerful brushless motor spins at an astonishing rate of 92,000 times a minute (11,000 rpm faster than the previous generation of motors), while only requiring 1,400 watts to do so.
  • The Airblade motor is powerful enough to draw all its air through a dense HEPA filter prior to ever touching the user’s hands, removing 99.97 percent of all bacteria from that air. (Estimated filter life is over 300,000 cycles.) The air this unit returns to the washroom is actually cleaner than the air it draws in.
  • Although the Airblade is a touch-free operation, anti-microbial additives are integrated into every external surface.

Golden Silence

The Airblade has always had precisely tuned silencing technology integrated into the motor housing and ducting to keep noise to a minimum. But by acoustically re-engineering the Airblade, a new level of quiet has been achieved with the dB model.

Dyson focused on two key sources of sound: the rush of air and the motor noise. By creating new scallop-shaped apertures and off-setting the front aperture (thus altering the angle of flowing air), the two sheets of air travel farther before colliding. For the motor noise, Dyson engineered Helmholtz silencers that literally absorb the unpleasant tones the motor generates. Due to these efforts, sound produced is only 81 dB (50 percent quieter than the original Airblade).

Along with all these benefits, each unit comes with a five-year parts warranty and a one-year limited labor warranty.

Order your new Dyson AB14 hand dryer in white today. When you do contact us, be sure to ask about our volume discounts.

Please note that the Dyson Airblade dB (AB-14) has replaced all previous Airblade models of similar design, including the AB-02, AB-04, and AB-06 Mk2 (all of which are no longer being manufactured by Dyson).

Dimensions: 26" High x 11 7/8" Wide x 9 3/4" Deep; Weight: 22 lbs.

Electrical Specification: 110/127 Volts; 11.7 Amps; 50/60 Hz, 1400 Watts OR 208-240 Volts; 7.3 Amps; 50/60 Hz, 1400 Watts

Water Ingress Protection rated to IP35

1-Year Limited Service Warranty and 5-Year Parts Warranty

ETL Listed (in accordance with UL507), GreenSpec Listed, HACCP Certified, NSF Certified, ADA Compliant, and LEED Credit Eligible

FREE SHIPPING via FedEx to anywhere in the Contiguous United States.

50% quieter*

When working to make the Dyson AB14 Hand Dryer quieter than the original Dyson Airblade hand dryer, Dyson engineers focused on reducing sound from two key sources:

  • Air rush noise
  • Motor noise

Reduced air rush noise

Airblade technology results in air traveling at 420 mph through apertures measuring just 0.3 mm in width. Some noise is inevitable.

Dyson engineers have reduced the noise produced by the sheets of air by redesigning the shape of the apertures through which air is forced.

Reduced motor noise

Dyson acoustic engineers have made improvements to the level and the quality of the sound generated by the Dyson digital motor V4.

Dyson digital motor V4

The Dyson digital motor V4 was seven years in the making - it's one of the world's smallest fully-integrated 1400W motors. The Dyson AB14 motor is the only hand dryer motor powerful enough to draw in 9.25 gallons of air per second through a HEPA filter, and then dry hands in 12 seconds.

The Dyson AB14 dryer's long-life, energy-efficient motor is digitally-switched at 6,100 times per second, making the high compression fan spin 92,000 times a minute. There are only three moving parts, so there are no slip rings or carbon brushes to wear down.

12 second dry time

Testing based on NSF Protocol P335 shows that most other hand dryers are much slower than their manufacturers claim. Many people give up when using a slow hand dryer. But damp hands can spread up to 1,000 times more bacteria than dry hands.

Testing based on NSF P335 proves that Dyson Airblade hand dryers are the fastest. The Dyson Airblade dB hand dryer dries hands hygienically in 12 seconds. Airblade technology combined with the Dyson digital motor V4 creates high speed sheets of air that scrape water from both sides of the hands simultaneously. The Dyson AB14 is the fastest way.

Tough and durable

The Dyson Airblade dB hand dryer is engineered to last. The Dyson AB14 has been repeatedly tested for durability and resilience to physical and chemical abuse. Dyson Airblade dB hand dryers have also been exposed to real-life environments to ensure that they can withstand the pressures of high usage.

With strong construction and robust materials, the Dyson Airblade dB hand dryer is suitable for high traffic, high-usage locations where vandalism can be an issue. And because the Dyson AB14 uses filtered sheets of 420 mph air to dry hands, there is no heating element prone to wear and failure.

Lowest running costs

Most other blade-less hand drying methods are expensive to run. Paper towels need restocking and disposal. Most other hand dryers are slow, and many use a heating element, so they're energy-hungry.

The Dyson AB14 Hand Dryer dB hand dryer costs up to 69% less to run than other hand dryers per year, and up to 97% less than paper towels.

Low impact on the environment

Dyson Airblade hand dryers produce up to 72% less CO2 than some other hand dryers and up to 68% less than recycled paper towels.

NSF approved

No other hand dryer meets every part of NSF Protocol P335.

The Dyson Airblade dB hand dryer dries hands in just 12 seconds. It’s the fastest hand dryer. The Dyson AB14 also has touch-free operation, uses a HEPA filter and has a lifetime antimicrobial coating to protect the product.

Touch Free Operation

The Dyson AB14 is a touch free operation with infra-red activation. Hand dry time is 12 seconds based on NSF Protocol P335. The Dyson AB14 also has an operation lock-out period of 30 seconds. The touch free operation makes it one of the more hygienic hand dryers.

Antimicrobial Coating

Sealed casing infused with antimicrobial additives to protect the product.

5 Year Warranty

Your Dyson AB14 hand dryer is covered for 5 years from the date of purchase, subject to the terms of the limited guarantee. Register your guarantee now at www.dysonairblade.com. If you have any questions about the Dyson AB14 hand dryer, call the Dyson Helpline with your serial number and details of where and when you bought the unit.

The DYSON Airblade dB hand dryer is one of the top hygienic hand dryers.

AB14 dB Hand Dryer Specification

dB AB14 Hand Dryer Exploded View

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