GX1-M, American Global Hand Dryer - Steel White Epoxy - Auto - 120V

by American Dryer

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Global GX1-M (Metal) Automatic Hand Dryer, Surface-Mounted (now by WORLD DRYER)

Stamped Steel Cover with White Epoxy Finish, 2 Year Warranty

With the GX1-M Hand Dryer by WORLD DRYER, any organization can afford to offer warm-air hand drying to its clients and employees while saving money on paper towel costs. This unit’s low price makes it easy to purchase as many as you need.

These features include:

  • A heavy-duty, one-piece steel cover with a white epoxy finish that will hold up to many years of use and keep your restroom looking clean and attractive.
  • A tough, whisper-quiet, brushless motor for powerful operation (63 dB)
  • A sturdy, shockproof heating element that provides gentle warmth to user’s hands - 40 second dry time.
  • A fixed nozzle design that is simple yet sturdy.
  • Shielded air vents and anti-tamper screws to deter vandals.
  • An automatic sensor that activates the dryer the moment the user places head under the vent; no need for a germ-laden start button.
  • 110/120 volt wiring.


Originally designed & manufactured by AMERICAN DRYER Inc., the WORLD DRYER CORP. now offers this affordable unit so that more organizations could offer their patrons the benefits of modern warm air hand drying.  Despite the price, this superior product doesn't skimp when it comes to high-grade components that will give you many years of safe, reliable service. 


The quiet motor of the GX1-BG makes this dryer a natural choice for a wide range of environments where noise-sensitive surroundings (like libraries and nursing homes) is a primary concern.  Ultra energy-efficient, microprocessor-controlled sensor turns dryer on when hands are under the outlet for up to 60 seconds.  Standby power is only one watt. 


The simple, compact  design and rugged exterior of the GX1-BG blends in with any restroom environment. Heavy-duty steel cover with white epoxy.  Two tamper resistant screws secure this heavy-duty cover to the steel base, making the motor inaccessible to vandals.


Manufacturing paper towels require the destruction of tens of thousands of trees every year. That doesn’t include the costs of transporting the lumber to manufacturing facilities, processing them and shipping the towels all over North America. When you remember that paper towels are non-recyclable, it's easy to see how they take a great toll on the environment we all share.


With all the restroom product vendors out there, why choose Allied? For one, we offer an unbeatable set of benefits for our valued clients. These include fast, free shipping to all US addresses within the contiguous 48 states, easy ordering either online or by calling our toll-free number, and a great selection from which to choose.  So browse our site and order today for quickest delivery.

2-Year Parts Warranty against manufacturer defects

Dimensions: 10-1/8" High x 9-3/8" Wide x 5-5/8" Deep; Weight: 9.4 lbs.

Electrical Specification: 110V/120 Volts; 1320 Watts; 60 Hz (Requires a dedicated 15 or 20 Amp circuit)

Underwriters Laboratory, Inc.(UL)Listed. (In both the United States and Canada)

Made in the U.S.A.

FREE SHIPPING via FedEx to anywhere in the Contiguous United States

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