L-970, SLIMdri World Dryer Alum Polished Chrome Universal Volt ADA Hand Dryer

by World Dryer

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The SLIMdri L-970 offers world-class features at a reasonable price. Nowhere else will you find such a winning combination of hand dryer features for this amount.

The SLIMdri L-970 includes benefits like these:

  • Faster hand drying; up to 40% quicker than competing models.
  • Energy savings; up to 70% more efficient than other brands.
  • A beautiful, polished chrome exterior that flatters any restroom decor.
  • A universal voltage feature that works with any building’s wiring.
  • A sensor that activates the unit whenever the user places hands underneath the nozzle, eliminating the need for a start button that can wear out or transmit germs.
  • A powerful motor that provides comfortable, warm airflow.
  • A heating element that is grounded and shielded for added safety.

When you buy your new SLIMdri L-970 Hand Dryer from Allied, you’ll also enjoy fast, free shipping to anywhere in the U.S.; our iron-clad, low-price guarantee; and our commitment to total customer satisfaction. So place your order today for quick delivery.

Universal Voltage - (110-240 Volts) Adapts to all electrical supplies

Dimensions: 10.7 x 11.43 x 3.9
Weight: 10.6lbs. (Aluminum) / 20lbs. (Cast Iron)