208/240 Volt Hand Dryers

208/240 Volt Hand Dryers

Tired of buying, restocking, and refilling paper towels all the time? Sick of using all your hard-earned resources on paper products? Want to cut down on your carbon footprint and be more eco-friendly? Then these 208/240 volt hand dryers may be the ticket.

Why 208/240 Volt Hand Dryers?

Not only can they save you up to 95 percent on operating costs (making them more affordable in the long run), but they’re also easier on the environment, your septic systems, and your facility’s aesthetic.

After all, how many times have paper towels clogged up your toilets or littered your floors? Probably more than you can count.

Our 208/240 volt hand dryers eliminate the need for costly, wasteful, and unappealing paper towels in your restrooms and save you time, money, and effort as a result. They’re also:

Easy to install.

Our 208/240 volt hand dryers can typically be connected to any voltage up to 240V, and they configure themselves automatically. That means no expensive electrician appointments or huge hassles with setup.

Free to ship.

All our hand dryers ship free, and most of the time, they go out on the same day. You’ll have your new dryer up and installed in just a few days’ time.

More aesthetically pleasing.

With options in all styles, finishes, and colors, you can enhance your space’s aesthetic appeal using a carefully chosen 208/240 volt hand dryer. Compare that to paper towels, which only take away from the look of your restroom, and the choice is clear.

If you’re tired of constantly stocking, paying for, or picking up paper towels, it’s time to make the switch. Consider one of our 208/240 volt hand dryers, and give your customers a faster, more effective drying experience in just days (and save money, to boot!). Contact us today to place your order.

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