5 Reasons To Get A Commercial Baby Changing Table

5 Reasons To Get A Commercial Baby Changing Table

5 Reasons To Get A Commercial Baby Changing Table For Your Home

When you’re on the go with an infant or toddler, finding a safe and clean changing table can be quite a challenge. Many retailers and other business offer foldable baby changing stations for the convenience of their customers. Once you locate a suitable baby changing table, the ease and convenience might make you consider purchasing one for home use. There are a variety reasons to consider installing a baby changing station your house, from space saving to eco-friendliness. Here are five reasons to buy a commercial changing table for your home:

  • Quick And Easy Cleanup

Commercial baby changing stations for home use are easy to clean, since most are comprised of non-porous materials that stand up to messes and cleaning products. Simply wipe the changing area and go.  Made of sturdy, bacteria-resistant materials, many of today’s baby changing stations have integrated anti-microbial protection to keep harmful bacteria to a minimum.

  • Superior Product Support

Manufacturer-issued warranties protect against defects and ensure that your baby changing station is completely safe for you and your child. Warranties cover manufacturer defects and include the repair or replacement of the baby changing station.

  • Can Be Installed Both Horizontally And Vertically

Commercial baby changing stations are designed to be mounted nearly anywhere and these units can be easily mounted horizontally or vertically for the ultimate flexibility. Different mounting options also free up valuable space and reduce safety hazards like trips and falls.

  • Environmentally-friendly

Modern baby changing stations are not only convenient, they’re also eco-friendly. Top baby changing station manufacturers have demonstrated a commitment to the environment by incorporating recycled materials into their designs. Many changing station models have stainless steel and polyethylene components, which are helpful in obtaining LEED certification and are fully or partially recyclable once no longer in use.

  • Customizable Baby Changing Station Options

There are several baby changing station styles to choose from, allowing you to customize your it to your exact needs and space requirements. The wide range of colors match almost any décor and the slim, folding design is perfect for small spaces. Spring-operated baby changing stations can be easily opened and closed so your baby hanging area looks neat at all times.


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