A No Heat Hand Dryer Is a Cool Bargain

A No Heat Hand Dryer Is a Cool Bargain

A no heat hand dryer can save you money while giving users a superior drying experience. That's because the design uses focused jets of room temperature air to do its job rather than relying on energy-consuming heated coils. This offers a great way to slash your operating costs and create a more pleasant, sanitary environment in your facility. Here are a few of our more popular no heat hand dryer models to consider:

  • The ExtremeAir EXT7 This unit dries hands in as little as 12 seconds while complementing your restroom décor. This no heat hand dryer is a perfect blend of beauty and performance.
  • The Excel Thin Air TA-ABS This unit offers both heated and heat-free options for the ultimate in customized performance. Its compact structure frees up valuable wall space, while its rugged design keeps it working longer.
  • The Machflow M09-A in white This is another model that offers both heated and heat-free options. Switching from one mode to the other is quick and easy, enabling you to tailor the drying experience to user preferences and your energy-saving goals.
  • The Xlerator ECO This is a special heat-free version of the famous Xlerator model. It simplifies installation and operation by freeing the owner from the need to use two electric lines, one for the motor and a second one for the heating element. Plus, it offers all the advantages the Xlerator is famous for, like fast drying times, long life, and durable construction.

Allied: The Dealer You Can Trust

Allied started back in 1988, when Darrell Kirksey began selling and servicing commercial restroom products in the San Antonio/South Texas area. Since then, the business he founded has expanded to serve customers like you across the globe. We stand apart from our competitors by offering unbeatable benefits like these:

  • Fast, free shipping. Ninety percent of the orders we receive before 4 p.m. during the week go out the same day.
  • Personal service. Call us during our regular business hours of 8:30-5:30 CST on weekdays, and you will always speak to a live human being, never a voicemail message.
  • Professional assurance. You're dealing with an established business, so you'll find us at 706 West Summit Street in San Antonio, the same place we've been for years.

Order your new no heat hand dryer from Allied today for fastest delivery, or feel free to contact us about any questions. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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