Eco-Friendly Hand Dryers Are a Great Investment

Eco-friendly hand dryers are a great investment for any modern business. They free you from the endless costs and hassles associated with paper towels, while enabling you to promote good hygiene and better health in your facility. Plus, by ordering from Allied, you’ll get the lowest possible prices, speedy shipping, sturdy packaging, and a huge selection from which to choose.

Hand Dryers and the Environment: What You Need to Know
The Internet is a great place for information. Unfortunately, much of what passes for fact on the web is anything but. Take the debate over paper towels versus eco-friendly hand dryers, for example. Don’t be misled by questionable claims; modern hand dryers offer benefits that paper towels just can’t match. Here’s what we mean:

• Manufacturing paper towels is a resource-draining process that destroys hundreds of thousands of trees and wastes millions of gallons of water each year. Add in the costs of transporting, storing, replacing, and disposing of all those towels, and the true environmental cost of these products becomes clear.

• Eco-friendly hand dryers, on the other hand, are a one-time purchase that last for many, many years. Plus, they’re made with a high percentage of recyclable components. So, when their useful life is at an end, they can be remade into all types of other useful products.

• Studies prove that used paper towels harbor billions of microorganisms, including the germs that cause diseases such as influenza and staph. Imagine mountains of soggy, mucous-filled used towels littering your restroom counters and overflowing from your wastebaskets. What better breeding ground could there be for harmful pathogens? You’ll never have this problem when you invest in eco-friendly hand dryers instead.

So browse our site and order your new eco-friendly hand dryers from Allied today. Then get ready for a cleaner, healthier tomorrow.

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