High Speed Hand Dryers Versus Paper Towels: Here Are the Facts

High speed hand dryers offer benefits that paper towels just can’t match. That’s not just our opinion. It’s the verdict of science-based studies that have compared both products side by side. This body of research has created volumes of evidence that the paper towel industry doesn’t want you to know about. Here are a few examples:

• Paper towels are a drain on our limited natural resources. Manufacturing these products requires destroying hundreds of thousands of trees per year. This is in addition to the environmental damage caused by transporting these trees to faraway factories, distributing the towels to locations across the globe, and then disposing of the non-recyclable waste in landfills. That’s right, used paper towels cannot be recycled. They will fester in garbage dumps for years, perhaps decades, posing an ever-present threat to water and soil quality.

• Paper towels are a never-ending expense that will leach money from your operating budget forever. High speed hand dryers, on the other hand, will last for many years, essentially making them a one-time purchase that will pay for itself well into the future.

• Used paper towels are perfect breeding grounds for all kinds of disease-causing pathogens, including the germs that cause influenza, staph infections, and other potentially lethal illnesses. You won’t have this worry when you invest in modern high speed hand dryers. Many of these products even include built-in filters that purify your restroom air.

• Don’t be misled by antiquated, obscure studies that claim to show benefits to using paper towels. There’s no comparison between modern high speed hand dryers and the obsolete products of yesterday. Today’s models dry hands faster, safer, and more comfortably than ever before. Again, this is not just our opinion. It’s verified, indisputable fact.

Any reasonable person can see that high speed hand dryers beat paper towels in every measurable way. But just as important as choosing the right products is selecting the right vendor to order from. That’s where Allied comes into the picture. We offer world-class benefits like these:

• Our ironclad low-price guarantee. If you find a better cost for any item we sell, from any web-based vendor, then we will meet or beat it every time. It’s as simple as that.

• Fast, free shipping to all U.S. addresses. We use sturdy packaging and careful handling to ensure your order arrives in perfect condition and ready to install.

• A giant selection of high-speed hand dryers. We carry models from leading manufacturers like Dyson, World, and Toto, names synonymous with the highest quality.

So free your organization from the paper towel habit by investing in high speed hand dryers today. Your customers and employees will appreciate the difference. And so will you.

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