How To Install a Koala Kare KB200 Baby Changing Table

For businesses and private homes, purchasing a Koala Kare KB200 is a wise choice for many reasons. Installing the Koala Kare KB200 is a snap as long as you carefully follow the provided instructions.

Step 1: Preparation

Get prepared by reading the Koala Kare KB200 installation instructions at least once before getting started. Gather all the tools necessary and wear protective eyewear during the installation process. Remove the contents of the box and make sure all parts are included. There will be two kits: an installation kit and an operator kit. The operator kit should be given directly to the facility manager or operator.

Step 2: Measurement and Evaluation of the Space

If you are installing the Koala Kare KB200 in a retail, industrial, or commercial space, it’s important that the changing table is installed at the proper height for ADA compliance. Use a stud finder to locate the studs, marking each with a pencil. Then, measure 44 and 1/4 inches from the floor in the center of the stud, then measure and mark 16 inches horizontally, which will be the distance between the mounting screws Note that concrete block, masonry, drywall, tile, metal studs have different installation instructions.

Step 3: Begin Installing

Drill pilot holes in the marked spots, then use a level to make sure they are straight. Screw two mounting screws into the pilot holes, leaving 1/4 inch exposed. The KB200 is made of two pieces, the stainless steel mounting chassis and the bed itself. Open the metal mounting chassis and guide the keyholes onto the mounting screws. Double check that the changing table is straight by using a level. Using the unused keyholes on the mounting chassis, drill four more pilot holes and complete the installation.

Step 4: Finishing Up

The wall-mount liner dispenser can now be installed onto the metal chassis using the provided instructions. Test that the bed operates properly by opening and closing it a few times. The bed should move up and down smoothly.

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