How to Install a Wall Mounted Changing Table (Step By Step Guide)

As a business owner, purchasing a high-quality changing table is a great decision for both your business and your guests. Once you’ve received your new unit, proper installation is a must to ensure the safety of everyone who uses it. It may seem complicated, but by following the straightforward installation instructions, you’ll have your Koala Kare changing station ready to use in no time.


What you’ll learn in this guide:

  • The ideal places to install your new baby changing station
  • Tools needed for quick and easy installation
  • How to find more information on installing and using your Koala Kare changing table


By following the detailed instructions, you will ensure your unit is safe to use from the moment it is installed. Follow these easy steps to quickly install your new changing table:


  1. Before getting started, check the package contents against the instruction booklet, making sure all parts are included. In the unlikely event that any parts are missing or damaged, contact Allied and our trained staff will happily assist you.
  2. Determine whether you have purchased a surface mount or a recessed mount changing table. If you plan to recess the changing station, trace an outline on the wall to use as a guide.
  3. Make sure your space is suitable for installing your new changing table. The wall will need to have a minimum of one internal stud for wall mounted tables.
  4. Following the installation instructions, start by attaching the wall mounted table to the included mounting screws. Be sure that the mounting screws flush with the mounting surface.
  5. Gently wipe down the changing table with a towel moistened with a soap and water solution or a conventional bathroom cleaner. Spray the surface of the table with disinfectant spray and let the unit air dry before proceeding.
  6. Test that the unit operates properly by repeatedly opening and closing it. Also, test the safety strap to ensure it is easy to fasten and unfasten and has no frayed fabric.
  7. Insert the sanitary liners into the holder. Refills are available for purchase from Allied.
  8. The baby changing station is now ready to use. Just place your changing station sign on the restroom door where it can be easily seen by guests.


For model-specific installation, utilize these handy PDFs:


KB200 Installation Instructions (US) 

 KB100 Installation Instructions

 KB100-ST Installation Instructions

  KB101 Installation Instructions

 KB102 Installation Instructions

 KB208 Installation Instructions

  KB110-SSRE Installation Instructions

 KB110-SSWM Installation Instructions

 KB111-SSRE Installation Instructions

 KB111-SSWM Installation Instructions 

 KB112-CT Installation Instructions

 KB112-RE Installation Instructions


Each Koala Kare baby changing station comes with detailed instructions that include easy-to-understand written and illustrated steps. In addition, if you ever need additional help installing your changing table or swapping out replacement parts, such as safety straps or gas shocks, there are several YouTube videos which provide a visual walkthrough to make installation nearly effortless.


KB200 Product Features Video


This video begins with a brief history of the most popular Koala Kare Model, the KB200, which debuted in 1986 and has become the leading baby changing station in the industry. Highlights include:


  • Strength – Details about the construction of the KB200 model, including is steel unibody chassis, steel-on-steel hinges, and support for up to 200 pounds.
  • Design – The KB200 features an all-new, contemporary curved design that’s suitable for a variety of restroom décor styles and is available in four finishes. The contoured design minimizes pinch points.
  • Product Enhancements – The KB200 has an adjustable safety strap for added security, integrated diaper bag hooks, and complies with ADA requirements.


KB200 Installation Video


This video gives detailed visual instructions on how to install one of the most popular changing table models: The Koala Kare KB200. This video will show you:


  • All package contents, including operator’s kit and installation kit
  • Which tools you will need to successfully complete the installation
  • Step-by-step instructions for installing your KB200 changing station
  • Helpful hints for making installation a breeze


KB200 Replacement Shock Video


The next video provides an overview of how to install a replacement shock mechanism for the KB200 baby changing station. Installation instructions include:


  • Helpful information for successful installation of replacement shocks
  • Detailed installation instructions for each step of the process
  • Recommendations for suitable work surfaces when replacing the KB200 shock



KB200 Replacement Liner Dispenser Video


This video provides step-by-step instructions on replacing the liner dispenser on the KB200 changing station and other Koala Kare changing station models. This video covers:


  • Choosing the correct liner dispenser
  • Tools needed for installation
  • Instructions for unlocking and removing the liner dispenser lid
  • Directions for replacing the liner dispenser and tips for keeping the included key safe


KB200 Strap Replacement Video


If the strap on your KB200 has worn fabric, or the buckle is no longer functional, it’s best to replace the strap to maintain safety. This video outlines:


  • Steps for replacing the strap and the tools needed to complete the installation including advice on suitable screwdrivers to use
  • Tips for proper tab positioning


KB101 and KB111SSWM Replacement Shock Video


This video goes over shock replacement for both the KB101 and KB111SSWM vertical surface-mounted changing stations. Highlights include:


  • Tips for selecting the proper replacement part number for your changing table model
  • Tools needed to complete the replacement shock installation
  • Helpful hints for ensuring the shock is installed properly


KB101/KB111-SSWM Replacement Shock Video

A helpful tutorial with detailed directions for replacing the shocks on KB101 and KB111-SSWM baby changing stations. This video covers:


  • An overview of package contents and tools needed to complete the installation, including tool recommendations
  • Detailed instructions for removing the old shock and replacing the new shock
  • Helpful hints for easy installation


KB100-ST/KB110-SSRE Replacement Shock Video


If your KB100-ST or KB110-SSRE horizontal, recessed changing station doesn’t close properly once the bed is lifted, or if the door opens more quickly than normal, it may be time to replace the shock mechanism. This video will explain:


  • Proper tools to use for the installation
  • How to prepare the work surface and other helpful installation tips
  • Instructions for removing the old shock and install the replacement shock
  • Directions for re-installing the changing table into the recessed space


KB101/KB111 Strap Replacement Video


If the strap on your KB101 or KB111 changing station has signs of wear, including frayed fabric or a non-functional buckle, you need to replace immediately. This video outlines:


  • Proper tool selection
  • Step-by-step instructions for replacing the strap
  • Tips on ensuring the proper replacement strap installation


KB100/KB110 Strap Replacement Video


Over the course of time, the replacement straps on your baby changing station may wear out or become damaged. This video will show you how to replace the straps on the KB100 and KB110 models. Details include:


  • Overview of part selection, package contents, and recommended tools
  • Directions for removing the old strap and hardware
  • Tips for proper tab placement for the replacement strap


Allied is the industry’s most trusted retailer of Koala Kare baby changing stations and replacement parts. No matter what you need, the courteous and professional Allied staff is ready to help you select the changing table that’s right for you. Contact us today at 1-800-535-4393 for expert advice.

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