How to Install Recessed Baby Changing Stations

Recessed baby changing stations are an excellent option for image-conscious establishments. These products are designed to fit flush with the surrounding wall, reducing their visual footprint while simplifying maintenance. Plus, when you order from Allied, you’ll enjoy added benefits like our unbeatable low-price guarantee, super-fast free shipping to all US addresses, and a level of customer care that has become legendary over the years.

How to Install Recessed Baby Changing Stations

The following is a general introduction to the installation process. Please consult the detailed instructions packaged with your product for more information.

1. Remove the unit from its packaging and give it a look-over to ensure that all components listed on the material sheet are present. If anything is missing or damaged, then call the manufacturer support line you’ll find in the manual.

2. Make sure you have the right tools on hand to complete the job. A hammer, power drill, level, and carpenter pencil are essential for all wall-mounted changing tables. Recessed baby changing stations also require a saw for cutting into the restroom wall. Consult your building schematics or a construction professional to ensure there are no pipes, electrical wires, or other hazards in the area where you plan to install the station.

3. Create an installation cutout with the saw, following the template included with your unit. The manual will inform you how deep the recess needs to be. In some cases, you may need to reinforce wall studs with horizontal lumber. Doing so should not be a problem for any skilled carpenter or handyperson.

4. Insert the unit in the cutout, being careful to ensure it’s level. Secure it to interior wall studs using the included screws.

5. Ensure the unit opens and closes easily and is mounted snugly to the wall. If it does, then clean it per directions found in the manual. You may then allow customers to begin using your new recessed baby changing stations.

As we said before, this is a high-level introduction to the topic. Please consult the materials you find with your baby changing station before proceeding with the installation. In the meantime, please consider Allied for all your commercial restroom needs. We carry a quality selection of recessed baby changing stations and hand dryers. Contact us for more information.

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