Koala Changing Tables Offer Real Value

Koala changing tables offer real value at a great price. They are an affordable way to get your valued clients and customers all the benefits of modern, sanitary diaper changing options. Combine the prestige of the Koala name with the low pricing and superb service of Allied, and it’s easy to see why investing in these superb products makes so much sense.

The Original Is Still the Best

Koala changing tables began back in the 1980s. In those days, parents had no choice but to perform changing duties in whatever space was available. Usually, this meant getting down on the restroom floor. It’s easy to see why this was bad for not only Mom and Dad but their children as well. Then Koala changing tables found their way onto the market. Suddenly, caregivers had a safe, sanitary option to match their responsibilities and busy lifestyle.

Over the years, the Koala company has expanded numerous times to meet overwhelming demand for its products. During that time, it has continuously upgraded its designs, making today’s Koala changing tables stronger, more sanitary, and more pleasing to the eye than ever before. You’ll never go wrong by trusting the Koala name. Order these superior products from Allied and you’ll enjoy these added perks:

  • Fast, free shipping to all U.S. locations. This means that not only will you receive your order quicker, you’ll also have a UPS tracking number that lets you know where your shipment is at all times. We’re able to send out most orders the same day they’re placed.
  • Sturdy packaging that ensures your products arrive undamaged and ready to install. Koala changing tables mount to virtually any restroom wall using only basic hand tools. Each product includes full instructions and access to a toll-free manufacturer’s support line.
  • Unbeatable low pricing that ensures you never overpay. We will gladly meet or beat any web-based vendor’s cost for any item we sell. And don’t forget to ask about our volume discounts when you contact us.

So, get started on the road to a brighter tomorrow by ordering your Koala changing tables from Allied today. Our friendly customer service specialists are waiting to serve you now.

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