Need a Daycare Changing Table? Why Horizontal Changing Tables Are Best

Horizontal baby changing stations are a necessity for a daycare changing table. Caregivers of young children have come to expect this practical convenience when it's time to change multiple young babies. And while all of our changing tables offer great benefits, horizontal tables provide a superior changing experience, making them the product of choice for a daycare changing table. Here’s why:

• A horizontal baby changing table offers the caregiver ample space for tending to changing duties. At the same time, they’re less likely to get in the way of other restroom patrons while in use. We do recommend choosing one of our vertical models for smaller restrooms.

• All our horizontal baby changing table models are built from high-grade components and in accord with the highest standards of construction. When you purchase these products from us, you’re making a true long-term investment, one that will pay rich dividends for a very long time.

• When you order your horizontal baby changing table from Allied, you’ll also enjoy world-class benefits like unbeatable pricing, fast and free shipping to all U.S. addresses, great selection, sturdy packaging, and easy ordering from our state-of-the-art website or by calling our toll-free number. This ensures you not only have a superior product but outstanding customer service as well.

Caring for Your New Horizontal Daycare Changing Table

You’ll be amazed how little care these products need to look and function their best. A general cleaning with common housekeeping supplies and a quick visual inspection of components is all that is normally needed. We do recommend using a general-purpose sanitary spray, simply because these units come into contact with not only babies but also their germs and other “contributions” to your restroom environment.

The minimal amount of care a horizontal baby changing table requires will more than pay for itself in terms of customer goodwill and positive publicity for your business. Parents appreciate organizations that make their hectic lives a little more convenient. They are happy to not only give you their support but tell their friends and family members about you as well. So order your new horizontal daycare changing table from Allied today. We look forward to serving you.

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