Our Top Three Quiet Hand Dryers

Here at Allied we are proud to carry several quiet hand dryers that are perfect for installation in noise-sensitive environments like libraries, medical clinics, nursing homes and office buildings. This post will focus on three of our foremost models, which offer plenty of drying power while remaining whisper-quiet while in operation. Each provides unbeatable benefits for an affordable price, and because they’re from Allied, they all include fast, free shipping to all US destinations.

American Dryer ExtremeAir CPC Series
These products use high-speed warm air and ionized light technology to create an exceptionally fast, delightful and hygienic hand drying experience. Its flexible voltage settings enable easy installation in virtually any location, and its adjustable motor settings allow you to fine-tune sound and energy consumption levels to your standards. `We only stock products from the best companies, and American Dryer Company is no exception—they’ve been building quality US-made products for decades and has an excellent reputation for quality and customer service.

World Dryer Corporation K-Series Smartdri
This product is a great choice if you want to customize the operation of your quiet hand dryers to your specific needs and preferences. It enables you to turn the heating element off if you like, saving energy while still providing plenty of drying power. K-Series dryers offer speedy drying times of as little as 10 seconds, and the whisper-quiet motor has three speed settings that allow further customization of the hand drying experience. Plus, the attractive, impact-resistant exterior is coated in durable epoxy-based paint with built-in anti-bacterial features.

American Dryer Xlerator Eco
This quiet hand dryer model is especially environmentally friendly, as it uses room temperature air to dry users’ hands. It dries hands within 10-15 seconds, uses only 500 watts of energy and filters contaminants from restroom air. It’s built in the USA and is backed by a five year warranty against manufacturer defects, and its low energy usage enables you to run multiple units on a single circuit. Plus, it’s GreenSpec approved and can help your organization qualify for LEED credits.

That’s a look at three of our most popular quiet hand dryers. Browse our site and place your order today for fastest delivery. When you do, remember that we offer fast, free shipping to all US addresses and discounts for volume orders. You can also contact us for more information.

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