Oval Baby Changing Stations Offer Stylish Convenience at a Great Price

Our oval baby changing stations offer not only practicality but also beautiful design. This makes them ideal for image-conscious establishments that want to flatter their restroom’s décor by offering real benefits to their customers. Order these products from Allied today to enjoy premium advantages that will put you ahead of your competitors.

A Heritage of Artistic Beauty That’s Thousands of Years Old
Softly curving lines have inspired gifted artists and craftspeople from all cultures throughout the centuries. Circular and oval shapes are associated with luxury, prestige, and good taste. For parents and caregivers, those patterns also evoke a sense of security and safety, enabling them to feel better about entrusting their precious little ones to your commercial changing stations.

If you’re looking to enhance customer experience by installing oval baby changing stations, then we especially recommend the Koala KB208. Made by the world leader in the commercial changing station industry, this product was brought back into production by the folks at Koala due to overwhelming customer demand. It comes in your choice of colors and offers premium benefits without the premium price.

No matter which changing station model you choose, one thing is for sure. Nobody beats Allied when it comes to taking care of our clients. That’s because we offer unbeatable advantages like these:

• The assurance and peace of mind that comes with choosing the leader in the commercial restroom products industry. We’ve built our reputation on providing outstanding products at reasonable prices and are backed by outstanding service and support.

• Fast shipping in sturdy packaging that get your products to you faster and ready to install right away. Most orders go out the same day we receive them. We use UPS for careful handling and easy order tracking.

• A great selection from which to choose. Besides our oval baby changing stations, we carry hundreds of high-quality items from well-regarded manufacturers. So browse our site and place your order today. We appreciate your business.

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