The Best Product to Prevent Hand Dryer Germs

When it comes to germ killing hand dryers, nothing matches the ExtremeAir from American Dryer. It’s the only product on the market that actually destroys the microbes that cause illnesses like influenza, staph, MR SA, salmonella, and C. diff. It accomplishes this miracle by using a hygienic breakthrough called Cold Plasma Clean technology. This drastically reduces hand dryer germs even after activating the hand dryer. Here’s how it works:

  • A built-in generator creates ionized particles that flow out of the device at the nozzle.
  • These ionized particles are harmless to humans and animals, yet murder on germs. They bathe the user’s hands in ion-enriched warm air, drying and sanitizing the skin in as little as 10 seconds. The process is quick, convenient, and utterly safe for restroom patrons.
  • The person leaves the restroom with fresh, clean hands, free of dangerous microorganisms that could otherwise spread throughout your facility. You, your workers, and your customers will enjoy a cleaner, healthier, more hygienic environment.
  • While some of our competitors may claim to sell germ killing hand dryers, only authorized ExtremeAir dealers like Allied can back up that claim with facts.

Hand Dryers vs. Paper Towels: The Choice Is Clear

Don’t be misled. A wealth of scientific studies support what we’ve been saying for years: that modern warm-air hand drying beats paper towels hands-down for hygiene and convenience. This is true whether you choose the ExtremeAir or one of our other fine models. Here’s why we say that:

  • Science has proven that used paper towels harbor all kinds of potentially deadly organisms. Imagine mounds of soggy, germ-ridden towels overflowing your wastebaskets and polluting your restroom floors. That’s what happens when using paper towels.
  • Warm-air hand drying, on the other hand, dries hands quickly and thoroughly without leaving mountains of toxic waste behind to contaminate your facility. Not only that, but investing in the hand dryers will also free you from the never-ending cost of buying, stocking, cleaning up, and disposing of paper towels and towel waste. In addition, the ExtremeAir's surface significantly reduces hand dryer germs on its surface.

The choice is clear. Order your new germ killing hand dryer or other products from Allied today for fastest delivery.

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