The 5 Most Popular Commercial Hand Dryers of 2017

The 5 Most Popular Commercial Hand Dryers of 2017

As the year quickly comes to a close, it’s the perfect time to reflect back on 2017 — what was hot, what wasn’t, and what we can look forward to in the months to come. Here at Allied, we’ve definitely seen a shift in the dryer market over the course of 2017, with more advanced, high-tech, and hands-off models taking the industry by storm.

For proof, just look at our most popular commercial hand dryers from this year:

1. Dyson Airblade Tap

It doesn’t get more high-tech than this. A slim, barely-there electric hand dryer that combines washing and drying into one, the Airblade Tap dispenses either water or air with just a movement of the hand. All sensor activated, it’s sleek, slim, and has no difficult buttons or knobs to deal with — just fast, efficient, convenient washing and drying in seconds.

2. Mitsubishi Jet Towel

Don’t mistake the name; there are no paper towels involved here. A sleek, silver, sensor-activated unit, the Mitsubishi delivers lightning-fast drying times without a single touch of a button. Though it offers both low- and high-speed options, the noise results are the same: a barely noticeable whir. Its carlike design adds visual interest and a modern flair to any facility.

3. Bradley Aerix

Another high-speed model, the Aerix is a top-tier no-touch dryer with built-in antimicrobials. Boasting a 12-second maximum drying time, low energy usage, and barely-there noise disturbance, it’s an in-demand model across all sectors and industries. The Aerix even filters and cleans the air before pumping it back out, leaving your restroom more sanitary than before.

4. VMAX V-639A

This space-age commercial hand dryer is extra hygienic, thanks to its larger-than-average hands-free openings, anti-microbial additives, and built-in draining system. With a polarized wall plug, the VMAX is also easy to install and requires no hard-wiring whatsoever. You can have it up and running almost as fast as it can dry your hands!

5. Dyson Airblade AB14

One of Dyson’s quietest models, the Airblade AB14 is the most energy-efficient commercial hand dryers on the market today. With a digital motor, a built-in HEPA filter, and no heating element, it represents a new generation of dryers that can actually help the environment (and your energy bills) in the long haul.

Interested in any of these popular commercial hand dryers? Call us to set up a consultation, and we’ll help you select the best possible dryer for your facility and budget.

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