Three Reasons to Choose a Motion Sensor Hand Dryer for Your Public Restrooms

A motion sensor hand dryer may be the solution to the challenge of making your restrooms more convenient for users while promoting good health throughout your facility. Here is why:

1. A motion sensor hand dryer requires no pushbutton to complicate the design or give germs a gathering spot. Many of our customers prefer these advantages to other designs.

2. Our manufacturers build their motion sensor hand dryer model to include automatic cut-off switches that prevent the dryer from running when not in use. This can help you save on utility costs and boost product life.

3. You can enjoy the advantages of a motion sensor hand dryer at surprisingly low costs, thanks to Allied’s industry contacts and commitment to customer service. What better way is there to upgrade your restrooms while spending surprisingly little money?

Motion Sensor Hand Dryer Versus Paper Towels: Case Closed

Science proves that modern electric hand dryers offer advantages that paper towels just can’t match. These include:

• Environmental benefits. Manufacturing paper towels is a resource-intensive business that destroys tens of thousands of trees and wastes millions of gallons of water each year. Motion sensor hand dryer models, on the other hand, are a one-time purchase made from a high percentage of recyclable components.

• Better hygiene. Studies of used paper towels reveal that these products are often filled with billions of disease-causing organisms, including the viruses that cause many wintertime ailments. You can avoid these health risks by using a motion sensor hand dryer instead.

• Improved public relations and goodwill. Using a motion sensor hand dryer in your commercial restrooms shows that you care about the environment we all share. There’s no better way to score a public relations victory while improving health and morale among your workers.

Browse our site and see the many motion sensor hand dryer models we carry today. We appreciate your business.

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