What’s Needed to Install a Wall Mounted Changing Table?

One of the great things about ordering a wall mounted changing table from Allied is how easy these products are to install. You need only a few basic hand tools and some general handyperson knowledge. Here’s a general guide to the topic to give you an idea of the process involved. Please note that exact directions for each station will vary somewhat. Please consult the literature included with your order for precise information.

  1. Begin by opening the package and checking it for damaged or missing parts. If you note any problems, contact the manufacturer for assistance. Because Allied ships every order with due care, the odds of having a problem at this stage are slim.
  2. Determine whether your wall mounted changing table requires cutting into the surrounding surface of the wall. If so, trace an outline to serve as your cutting guide.
  3. Locate the spots where you’ll attach the mounting screws to internal wall components. You’ll need at least one internal stud to install any of our wall mounted units. This should not be a problem if your facility was built using conventional construction methods.
  4. Attach the wall mounted changing table to the mounting screws. Make sure they fit snugly against the surrounding area.
  5. Give the product a good initial cleaning with basic housekeeping products, then do a follow-up with a sanitizing spray. Cover the unit in the sanitizer then permit it to air-dry.
  6. Open and close the unit several times to ensure proper operation. Double-check the safety belt and other components to ensure they’re in good working order.
  7. Fill the sanitary liner dispenser. You can purchase liners at low cost from Allied.
  8. Place the included changing station sign on the outside of your restroom door. At this point, you can begin allowing your customers to enjoy all the benefits of modern, sanitary diaper changing.

As you can see, installing a wall mounted changing table is a simple, straightforward process. When you do business with Allied, you can enjoy great products, plus low prices and superior customer service as well. So browse our site and place your order today.

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