Which Is Best? Recessed vs. Wall-Mounted Diaper Changing Station

Both a recessed and wall-mounted diaper changing station offer unique benefits and considerations. We’ve listed the advantages of each type of product below.

Reasons to Buy a Recessed Diaper Changing Station

  • Flush, sleek appearance. A recessed commercial changing table fits even with the surrounding wall for the ultimate in low-profile beauty.
  • Space savings. A recessed table takes up less room than a wall-mounted diaper changing station.

Despite these benefits, a recessed model requires the installer to cut into the restroom wall, requiring more skill and time than a wall-mounted diaper changing station. Let’s now consider the features of this other type of unit.

Reasons to Buy a Wall-Mounted Diaper Changing Station

  • Ease of installation. There’s no need to cut into the wall; simply attach the mounting hardware and hang the unit. That’s it; the job is done.
  • Attractive appearance. Wall-mounted diaper changing stations offer much the same visual appeal as recessed models, in a variety of colors.

The bottom line for you is your personal tastes and those of your customers. Whether you choose a recessed or wall-mounted diaper changing station, you’ll still receive an excellent product that will give you many years of trouble-free use. By ordering from Allied, you’ll also enjoy these benefits:

  • Timely delivery. We ship most orders the same day they’re received. Our UPS-based services ensure that your order will arrive quickly and in perfect condition.
  • Unbeatable pricing. Up to a year after your purchase, if you find the same product at a lower cost from another online merchant, then we will refund the difference, so you never pay too much.
  • A great selection of both recessed and wall-mounted diaper changing stations from leading manufacturers.
  • Ease of ordering, either online or by calling our toll-free number.
  • The peace of mind that comes with using the industry leader in commercial restroom products.

With all these benefits, why wait? Order your new recessed or wall-mounted diaper changing station today, or contact us for more information.

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