Why the Dyson Tap Is the Ultimate Hand Dryer

The Dyson Tap is the ultimate hand dryer. This innovative product provides a truly revolutionary way for your restroom patrons to enjoy all the benefits of modern sanitary hand drying. And you’ll love the excellent pricing, quick delivery, and superior customer support you’ll get when you order from Allied, the leader in the commercial restroom products industry.

What Makes the Dyson Tap So Special
Scientific studies show that simple handwashing is a great way to promote hygiene and good health in public places. But this leads to a valid concern: what to do with the dirty water? The Dyson Tap solves this dilemma forever by allowing the user to wash and dry their hands in the same basin. This eliminates the problems associated with spreading germ-contaminated water all over your restrooms. The Dyson Tap also offers an unbeatable experience with ultra-quick drying times and a sleek, sophisticated profile that flatters any restroom’s décor.

Now, in saying these things, we’re not criticizing our other fine models. Any modern electric hand dryer is vastly superior to using wasteful, unhygienic paper towels that deplete our natural resources and chain you to a never-ending cycle of expenses. However, the Dyson Tap stands apart from other products in the practicality and elegance of its design. This makes it a superb choice for facilities like yours. Plus, by ordering your new Dyson Tap from Allied, you’ll enjoy these added benefits:

• Our unbeatable price-match guarantee. This is how it works: if you find a lower cost for any item we sell, from any other web-based vendor, then let us know, and we will gladly match or beat it every time, no questions asked.

• Lightning-fast shipping. Most orders go out the same day they’re placed. And remember, UPS standard shipping is always free when you buy from us.

• A giant selection from which to choose. Besides the Dyson Tap, we carry hundreds of other fine quality dryers from all leading manufacturers. We also sell baby changing stations and accessories.

• Easy ordering. Use our state-of-the-art website or call our toll-free number.

So order your new Dyson Tap or other items from Allied today. We look forward to serving you.

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