3 Hand Dryer Installation Regulations You Need to Know for 2018

3 Hand Dryer Installation Regulations You Need to Know for 2018

Complying with hand dryer installation regulations isn’t just important for legal reasons, it’s also vital for keeping yourself, your employees, and your customers safe on a daily basis.

Not up to date on the latest hand dryer installation regulations? Need help understanding what rules you need to comply with? We’ve got you covered. Here’s everything you need to know for installing a new dryer in 2018:

  • Certain local building and electrical codes — First, your dryer will need to be installed per any building and electrical codes local to your city, county, or municipality. A licensed contractor or electrician in the area should be able to clarify what local code regulations stipulate.
  • ADA requirements — In order to properly serve disabled and handicapped patrons, your dryer must also be installed per ADA regulations, or regulations set out by the Americans with Disability Act. These regulations pertain to mounting height, depth of projection from the wall, wall guards, labels, buttons, and more. Check out ADA.gov for more details.
  • Installation instructions — As with any product, every hand dryer is different. They each come with unique installation and usage instructions, as well as warnings and hazards. Be sure to read your dryer’s instruction booklet fully before installing the product in your facility.

Though not necessary with every dryer, it’s always best to consult a professional before installing a new electrical device or appliance. This ensures that the device is installed properly and per all codes and hand dryer installation regulations, and that it does not pose a hazard to your customers or your facility.

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