ASI Hand Dryer Parts [Free Shipping + No Sales Tax]

ASI Hand Dryer Parts [Free Shipping + No Sales Tax]

ASI Hand Dryer Parts Sold by Allied

Automatic dryers are a popular choice for high traffic areas. They save space, are visually appealing, are eco-friendly, and save owners’ valuable money. After the initial investment of purchasing an automatic hand dryer, many owners wonder what hey can do to protect their investment. One of the easiest ways to ensure your hand dryer remains functional for years to come is to follow a regular maintenance schedule and purchase genuine replacement parts.


Allied is a leading supplier of hand dyers and OEM replacement parts for top brands, including ASI. One of the most well-known dryer manufacturers, ASI makes high-quality automatic and push-button hand dryers that are ideal in a variety of settings. If you’re in need of replacement parts for your ASI unit, Allied has an extensive selection of ASI hand dryer parts and restroom accessories at competitive prices.

Here are just some of the ASI hand dryer replacement parts we offer:


  • Low Profile Pump Nozzle Replacement, part number ASP-10-V-321, for ASI soap dispenser models 10-9343, 10-0345, 10-0347, tamper resistant
  • ASI Automatic Paper Towel Dispensing Mechanism Replacement, part number ASP-10-8372BK, compatible with ASI models 10-045224A, 10-045224A, 10-046921A, 10-046924A, 10-04692A, 10-204523A, 10-2046921A, 10-204692A, 10-64696A, 10-94696A
  • ASI Replacement Control Board, part number ASP-10-A0009, fits ASI 115V 0185 series dryers, IR sensor sold separately
  • Replacement Motor Brush, part number ASP-10-A0026, included spring-loaded carbon cartridge, black plastic cover, and brass inner sleeve, fits ASI 10-0185 and 10-0195 dryers
  • ASI Replacement Infrared Sensor, part number ASP-10-A0036, fits 10-0165 narrow profile hand dryers
  • Replacement Sensor for 0185 and 0195 ASI hand dryers, part number ASP-10-A0019, fits 10-0185 and 10-0185 narrow profile dryers
  • ASI Replacement Coinbox, part number ASP-10-0864-006, compatible with 10-0864-F, 10-0864-25, 10-0864-50 vending units, includes coinbox and key
  • Replacement Tumbler Lock and HL-202 Key, part number ASP-10-L-002, only compatible with surface or recessed mount tampon and sanitary napkin dispensers
  • ASI Changing Station Replacement Strap, part number ASP-10-9013-32945, only fits 9013 series surface or recessed changing tables
  • Roller for ASI Toilet Tissue Dispenser, part number Item Number: ASP-10-R-004, vandalism-resistant, made of ABS plastic and metal, fits ASI 10-0030, 31, and 32 toilet paper dispensers
  • ASI Drywall Clamp for Side by Side Recessed Mount Toilet Paper Holders, part number ASP-10-39, two brackets required for double toilet paper dispensers, fits ASI model numbers ASI 7402, 74022, 7404, and 7410
  • Hex Set Screw for Concealed Mount Grab Bars, part number ASP-10-3000-S, compatible for concealed mount for ASI type 3100 and 3200 grab bars, 3 screws required for each mount point (sold individually)
  • ASI Universal Replacement Key, part number ASP-10-E114, suitable for surface, recessed, and partition mount towel and toilet paper dispensers
  • Replacement Tumbler Lock and Key, part number ASP-10-L-001, fist most locking ASI paper towel and toilet paper dispensers
  • ASI Replacement Tenon Plate, part number ASP-10-3000-TP, compatible with ASI type 3100 and 3200 concealed mount grab bars, set screws sold separately


Allied is a trusted automatic dryer retailer with a team of experts ready to assist in selecting the parts you need for your ASI hand dryer and other restroom accessories. Whether you have recently completed a renovation, need to replace parts after vandalism, or would just like to replace parts as preventative maintenance, Allied is the top choice for all your replacement parts. We offer super fast shipping so you never have to worry about extended downtime and all of our dryers and replacement parts are backed by the Allied Price Match Guarantee. If you purchase a dryer, accessory, or replacement part and find a lower price within 1 year, we’ll refund the difference. For exact pricing, contact us at (800) 535-4393 and one of our automatic dryer experts will gladly assist in choosing the correct replacement parts.

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