Commercial Hand Dryers: The Choice for Environmentally Responsible Organizations

Commercial hand dryers are not just affordable and convenient, they’re a perfect choice if you’re looking to make a positive impact on the environment. Here’s why we say that:

• Our commercial hand dryers include a high percentage of recyclable components. Years from now, after their useful life is over, recyclers can use their components to build new items. Compare this to paper towels, which are nonrecyclable and will spend decades rotting away in your local landfill, creating a potential hazard to water and soil quality.

• Modern commercial hand dryers are a one-time investment that require no dedicated storage space or constant maintenance. Compare this to paper towels, which take up large amounts of warehouse room and set your cleaning staff to the never-ending work of restocking, cleaning up, and throwing away contaminated, worthless product.

• Today’s commercial hand dryers require only seconds to do their job. They bathe the user’s hands in sheets of gently warm air. Many models include built-in filters that remove bacteria and pollutants from their surroundings. Paper towels, however, offer none of these benefits. They’re bad for the environment and bad for your bottom line.

At Allied, we’re proud to carry a giant selection of commercial hand dryers, from basic models to units that offer maximum convenience and minimal drying times. All these products are a better choice for your restrooms than paper towels. Plus, by ordering from us, you’ll enjoy unbeatable pricing backed by our cost-match guarantee. Simply put, if you find a better price for any product we sell, from any of our web-based competitors, then we will meet or beat it every time. When you consider that we also offer fast, free shipping across the United States and easy ordering via the web or our toll-free number, it’s easy to see why we’re the undisputed leader in the commercial restroom products industry. Order your commercial hand dryers from Allied today to get started on a brighter, more prosperous tomorrow.

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