How a LEED Certified Hand Dryer Helps With Your LEED Certification

There are many benefits to getting your building officially LEED certified. For one, you can get valuable tax rebates and credits that cut back on your operating costs year after year. It can also decrease your energy and utility bills, boost your property value, and make your building a bigger draw for clients and customers.

So, how do you get that LEED certification? What can you do to improve your chances? For starters, you can invest in a LEED certified hand dryer. A LEED hand dryer can:

  • Offer you a low-cost, high-impact way to get LEED credits. In order to get LEED certification, you’ll need a certain number of LEED credits. Depending on the model of LEED dryer you get, you can get credits in any number of categories.
  • Improve your efficiencies in many ways. The main goal of LEED certification is to encourage the creation of more energy-efficient, eco-friendly buildings. Installing a LEED hand dryer gets rid of wasteful, landfill-clogging paper towels, cuts down on your building’s energy consumption, and reduces your overall environmental waste.
  • Help you better serve your customers. When compared to paper towels, LEED certified hand dryers can save your customers minutes of valuable drying time and offer a more hygienic, sanitary restroom space.

Here at Allied, we offer a wide array of LEED certified hand dryer options, each with unique abilities to reduce your energy consumption, lower your electric bills, improve your building’s efficiency, and help you qualify for valuable LEED credits. Browse our selection of energy-efficient dryers now.

Get Help Finding Your LEED Dryer

Do you want help finding the right hand dryer for your LEED certification needs? Then contact us today. We’ll help you find the perfect product for your budget and goals. 

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