Touchless Hand Dryer

Try a Touchless Hand Dryer to Keep the Bathroom Cleaner

Let’s face it: paper towels are just dirty. Not only do they harbor germs and bacteria, but their moisture breeds mold and stink the longer it sits. It also clogs up your wastebaskets, covers your sinks and counters, and litters your floor with unsightly, unsanitary trash. They’re just not an option if you want a clean, hygienic place for your customers to do their business.

So, what’s the alternative? While there are many drying options on the market, we often recommend a touchless hand dryer, both for its sanitary value and its efficient, time-saving benefits to the user.

Overall, a touchless hand dryer can:

  • Eliminate towel waste No more towels on the floor or overflowing from the trash can. Touchless dryers cut down on waste and subsequently, the eyesore of ugly used paper towels. It also reduces your organization’s environmental impact and increases your eco-friendliness.
  • Allow for a more hygienic drying experience — When users have to touch buttons, pull levers, or touch towel holders, they’re spreading germs with every point of contact. Touchless dryers let your customers dry their hands without ever touching a dirty surface or button. It makes the entire experience cleaner and more sanitary.
  • Save time and energy — Many of our touchless hand dryer models boast drying times of 10 seconds or less, meaning your customers can get in and out the door faster (and happier, to boot). This gives them more time to shop your aisles, peruse your menu, or buy your products.

If you want a clean, sanitary, and hygienic restroom facility, there’s no better option than the touchless hand dryer. Browse our selection of no-touch dryers now, or reach out to the Allied team for help. With free shipping nationwide and a guaranteed price-matching policy, you’ve got nothing to lose, so start shopping today. 

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