Keep the Noise Down With Our Quiet Hand Dryers

We carry many quiet hand dryers that are ideal for noise-sensitive surroundings. These products deliver all the benefits you demand from high-powered modern units without the roar and din you might expect. Here are just a few of the many features they offer:

  • Built-in noise adjustment features that enable you to fine-tune the unit’s performance to your exact needs, whether you run a library, a sports stadium, or something in between.
  • Commercial-grade components that are not only whisper quiet but also energy efficient. Our quiet hand dryers will save you money while maintaining the tranquil atmosphere you work so hard to create. Your clients and customers will appreciate the difference and so will you.
  • Freedom from the endless burden of stocking, transporting, cleaning up, and disposing of wasteful, disease-promoting paper towels. Why throw away money just to litter your restrooms with mountains of sopping-wet towel waste? Studies show that used towels contain contaminated mucous and disease-causing microorganisms. Our quiet hand dryers free you from these pointless risks while helping you promote a cleaner, healthier, more hygienic environment throughout your facility.

Three Models to Consider

  • The ExtremeAir series combines the germ-destroying power of cool plasma with the drying effects of heated air to deliver plenty of drying power while minimizing noise output.
  • The Saniflow Plus uses focused sheets of delightfully warm air to wipe moisture from the user’s hands. Its built-in noise adjustment features enable it to do so without creating unsettling noise pollution.
  • The Advantage Series offers affordable performance along with noise adjustment/suppression features for a superior experience overall.

These are just a few of our many quiet hand dryers. Browse our site to see our other fine products and place your order today for fastest delivery. And remember our volume discounts and price-match guarantee when making your selections. We look forward to serving you. 

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